Wright warned the Swans not to start the game inert

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Former Arsenal striker Ian Wright has warned Liverpool they cannot start late in their Champions League clash at home to Spurs on Saturday.

         The Reds had a disappointing start to the ufabet game against Villarreal, conceding two goals in the first half before claiming three goals in the second half, including against Everton. Wait until the second half to score a goal, which Wright considers the game against the “Golden Spikes Chicken”, the visitors are definitely defending deep and pointing out that Jurgen Klopp’s team must open quickly.

         “I think what they really need to be careful with for Liverpool is the way they start the game against Villarreal, they have to make sure they don’t start the game like that,” the Gunners legend told K. Lee and Righty

         “They started… don’t focus on it If they did that against Tottenham it might be harder to come back like the game against Villarreal, I think they know that.

         “It’s a situation that comes from the mental strength of the players. And what they are doing and trying to achieve with this squad and that is what will get them through the game against Tottenham.”

         “They couldn’t start as badly as what I saw against Everton and Villarreal, you have to give credit to both teams, but Liverpool have to do more in terms of movement to help the team. These and they have to do that against Tottenham.”

         “It’s going to be very difficult because Tottenham are defensive, I see Tottenham play that way even when they are playing at home.”