Diogo Jota vows to be fit to return to Liverpool as soon as possible.

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Diogo Jota, Liverpool striker, has announced that he will return to fitness as soon as possible to help the club hope for success this season. After suffering an injury that made him likely to miss the field for the Liverpool for at least two months.

Diogo Jota, Liverpool’s in-form striker, has promised Liverpool fans he will quickly recover from his injury and return to help the team as quickly as possible. After being injured again in the latest English Premier League game.

The Portuguese striker’s fortunes shattered for the second time this season after being carried off the field due to a knee injury during a game in which Liverpool invade Brentford. Nord 4-1 last Saturday.

German manager Jurgen Klopp It has been confirm that Jota has no right to come onto the field to help the team in the game against Luton Town on Wednesday, February 21. As for the recovery period, the body cannot yet be determine. Report by ยูฟ่าเบท

Jota, who recovered from his injury during “Boxing Day”, was able to score 6 goals and 4 assists from playing 11 matches.

Portugal national team striker Should rest for several months, which is at least 2 months. That means he will miss playing for Liverpool for more than 15 games in every program. And it is considering a great loss for the club. Because right now the player is one of the team’s hottest players.

In this promising season for Liverpool, Diogo Jota has proven why he is one of the Premier League’s best strikers.

After scoring 12 goals and providing 10 assists in all competitions this season, The Portuguese maestro is in sterling form. He currently sits 16th in the Premier League Golden Boot race, only 16 places behind fellow superstar Mohamed Salah (16). Which is further testament to his excellent start to the season.

Diogo Jota. He was a key motivator for them on both sides of the ball. “Diogo is a special player. A special child It is the perfect signing because he has everything a Liverpool player in this team needs.